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TCQuality Services provides property managmement services for Residential, Commercial and Industrical clients including Snow Plowing, Property Management Services and Snow and Ice management

In 1990, Tom Thommen, the owner and operator of TC Quality started a window and gutter cleaning company. By providing outstanding service to a rapidly growing client base, TC Quality has expanded to the full service property maintenance company it is today.


Our service area reaches out over the large geographic area of the Greater Puget Sound region, sending our fleet as far South as Portland and as far North as Bellingham.

We operate seven days a week and have crews large enough to tackle large communities in a timely manner, and crews small enough to do a quick window or gutter cleaning job at the last minute. If a storm hits, and your home or property needs emergency care, we are capable and equipped to handle your call. There is no job too big or small for us!



Our goal is to provide the highest quality of customer service for our clientele.




TC Quality property management services include a complete Window Service for both residential and commercial buildings, up to 40 stories high. We do interior and exterior window cleaning and washing work as well as replacing, installing and fixing storm windows, French panes and specialty glass (films). We also specialize in glass restoration; don't replace that damaged window - restore it!


TC Quality is based in Woodinville WA, our team covers the entire east side of Seattle including Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell, Kirkland, Renton and Issaquah. We also cover Seattle and the north shore from Edmonds, Bellingham and Everett to Tacoma and Olympia. We have been in business since 1988 and work 7 days a week. We are happy to take your emergency calls night and day.


Our Window Washing and Window Cleaning teams are also expert at removing hard water stains and mineral deposits from glass. Glass can be restored with our unique scratch removal service for windows - and shower doors!


TC Quality Building Management Services include gutter cleaning, we repair seams, holes and clogs. We can add gutter covers and also provide gutter replacement


Another important TC Quality Property Management Service we offer is Pressure Washing for all exterior surfaces of houses and commercial buildings including concrete or asphalt surfaces and roofs. We are happy to clean and repair any part of a building using our pressure washing and cleaning team to brighten up your interior or exterior areas such as parking garages, basements, siding or roof. Be sure to ask about our new Hot Water Cleaning process for tough stains. We use our specially formulated degreaser called “Unbelievable”. Unbelievable is the ultimate bleach-free degreaser for interior and exterior applications. Unbelievable is our own product and is available for you to purchase from our offices at TC Quality Property Management in Woodinville WA.


In the northwest we have a tremendous problem with Moss and Algae build up. Without proper moss treatment moss will absolutely shorten the life span of wood and asphalt roofing material. It is important to know that thick moss growth keeps roofing damp and if this is allowed to persist for extended periods of time it will cause wood rot and erode the shingles and underlying roofing materials.


Moss on walking services like sidewalks, decks or driveways can be a liability as it is slippery and increases the likelihood of a fall. Let our cleaning experts clean your mossy areas and to all moss growth. We recommend that you have us apply our earth friendly moss inhibitor. We also offer Concrete sealant to protect surfaces from moss re-growth and keep that fresh clean look all the time. We also apply wood preservative or stain to freshly pressure washed wood surfaces. Stain or preservative helps to prolong the structural integrity of wood, even non-pressure-treated varieties. Protect brand-new or weathered wood from mold, mildew and other fungal attack, and dimensional change caused by water absorption by applying a preservative or stain. We offer a wide variety of options for ways to prolong the life of your wood shingle or asphalt roof, cement walls, siding or walkways and driveways.


Recently we have added Holiday Lighting to help our clients increase the curb appeal of their property or to help accentuate and celebrate a special occasion. We help you to celebrate special events throughout the year and through the changing seasons. We have a full service Holiday Lighting division. We can provide Holiday Lighting design, bring all equipment and supplies, including the electrical equipment. We install and remove at your convenience.


We also help you to install and create permanent lighting choices. A recent addition is the introduction of LED lights for long life lighting solutions that provide a low power consumption option for the ecologically minded. Many of our clients ask us to take care of their re-lamping needs.


Our Relamping service is designed to help maintain proper lighting for security and to help show off any property. Our lighting services include fixture cleaning, replacement and restoration of bulbs and lamps.


Many of our clients need Graffiti Removal. We offer graffiti removal for both commercial, public properties and residential communities. Graffiti removal is part of our Annual Maintenance Program which includes regularly scheduled visits to your property.


The northwest weather can be very unpredictable so we offer our clients a complete Snowplow Service and can include it in your property management package or an on-call basis. This includes snowplowing snow and ice removal from driveways, parking lots and parking garages.


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